Beryllium Copper Springs

BECU - beryllium cooper contacts and springs

Beryllium copper springs

Beryllium copper (BECU) is often used in spring clips and flat spring production because of its great strength. It yields the same spring force as carbon steel at a fraction of the thickness. This allows clips to be produced as thin as .002″ and wire as thin as .050″. Other characteristics that make BECU a viable option for spring clips include:

  • Elastic properties
  • Formability
  • Non-metal makeup
  • Electrical conductivity

Atlantic Precision Spring is a beryllium copper spring manufacturer that works with many different alloys for our spring clips and flat springs. They are broken down into two categories: high strength and high conductivity alloys. 



Military, medical, and aerospace companies trust Atlantic Precision Spring for our springs. 

That’s because we produce parts that are high quality, at competitive pricing. Our process works. Parts are heat treated in an atmospheric oven to reduce the amount of distortion in the spring clip. After an inspection takes place to ensure dimensional accuracy, a finish is then applied. 

Our short run department can churn out small volume production prototypes in just a few days. These samples can be chemically etched or power press blanked before any forming, coining, drawing or tapping takes place.

Progressive tools or multi-slide tools are made for larger volume orders. These tools are run efficiently and precisely to produce beryllium copper spring clips to fit the customers’ requirements. Our ability to manufacture products that are congruent with tight tolerance specifications is what sets us apart. 

Beryllium copper springs are resistant to the non-oxidizing acids found in batteries. They are also very elastic – able to bend, twist, and turn when needed. The resulting flexibility prevents disfiguration from recurring usage, giving beryllium springs a much-needed durability aspect. For more information on beryllium copper springs, check out this blog post.

Beryllium Copper Springs FAQs

Why is beryllium used in springs?

Beryllium is an excellent addition, it adds hardness, strength, high electrical and thermal conductivity. It is also resistant to wear and tear and fatigue.

Is copper good for springs?

Copper has many qualities that make it a good choice for springs. It’s an easy-to-use metal; it’s malleable and can be manipulated easily. Copper has good electrical conductivity and also has properties that make it resistant to corrosion.

What is the difference between copper and beryllium copper?

Beryllium copper and copper share some similarities, however, are two completely different materials. Copper is known for being a soft metal, whereas beryllium copper is known for its strength. Out of any copper-based alloy, BeCu (beryllium copper) is rated with the highest strength; which makes it a popular choice when it comes to making springs. Copper is 100% conductive, whereas BeCu ranges from 15-30% conductivity. BeCu is great for hardness and strength, unlike copper which is mainly used for appearance.