Micro Stampings

Small, Micro Metal Stampings

Small, Micro Metal Stampings

A challenge of producing small metal stampings, better known as micro stampings, is having the correct equipment. Atlantic Precision Spring constantly improves our machine technology to the latest state-of-the-art equipment. This makes micro stampings not only possible but one of our specialties. 

These miniature parts are used for everything from electronic contacts located inside circuit boards to contacts for portable electronic devices. Atlantic Precision Spring’s devotion to quality enables us to produce stampings to fit our customers’ tight tolerance requirements. The performance of our tools is what makes the difference between scrap and precision production. 

Some steps of our process include:

  • The manufacturing of these miniature metal stampings starts with the proper design. Atlantic Precision Spring not only has the best 3D software, but also has an experienced professional design team. 
  • The designs are built using computer numeric control (CNC) machining centers. This optimizes the efficiency of the cut in order to make the tool at the fastest possible speed while maintaining excellent quality. 
  • The tools are heat-treated and precision ground before they are cut to tents using internal wire EDMs (Electrical Discharge Machines). The tools are then assembled and inserted into either a power press or fourslide machine.

Our staff’s experience backed by top of the line equipment and a strong quality assurance department allows us to produce and work with parts smaller than the naked eye. Our small, micro stamping parts are used across industries and orders can be completed on tight deadlines.