Short Run Metal Stamping

feeder bowel with a hydraulic press

Auto feeder to create a multiple assembled part.

Our short-run stamping department, called the secondary department, uses a variety of machines to produce high-quality products our customers expect. We’ve refined the process of making short-run metal stampings by purchasing equipment that reduces cost and delivery time. The machines below all help complete short-run stamping orders. 

Hydraulic presses are very versatile machines, able to change a stamping through die size and pressure alterations. These machines utilize an automatic feed tapping feature that increases productivity and reduces costs. Smooth edges and precise specifications needed for any application result from deburring machines.

Atlantic Precision Spring also uses manual foot presses and hydraulic turning machines when needed. Our process control network, monitored by our quality assurance department through ISO 9000:2008 requirements, guarantees high-quality products. Also, our attention to precision quality through this process allows our customers to receive products quicker at a more cost-effective price; all without losing quality.