Beryllium Copper Battery Contacts

beryllium copper contacts

Beryllium copper parts are best used for electrical contacts.

Beryllium copper, or BeCu, is often used in metal spring clips and flat springs because of its elastic properties, formability, non-metallic nature, and its electrical conductivity. Beryllium copper battery contacts are one of the more popular items manufactured here at Atlantic Precision Spring. We always produce with care and precision and can customize the process to ensure the BeCu battery contact meets your needs.

There are many different beryllium copper alloys that Atlantic Precision Spring uses to produce its beryllium battery contacts. The most common is UNS Designation C17200 also called Brush Wellman Alloy 25. Some others include alloy 290, M25 and 165, all of which are high strength alloys. There are also alloys that are made for high conductivity. These are alloys 3, 10, and 174.

Production of Our Copper Contacts

All beryllium copper battery contacts and springs can be prototyped first for fit and function prior to production. These samples can be chemically etched or power press blanked before any forming, coining, drawing, or tapping. The short run department is able to produce prototypes or small volume production in only a few days. For larger volume production, progressive tools or multi-slide tools are made. These tools are run efficiently and precisely to produce beryllium copper spring clips based on custom requirements.

Why Choose APS for Your Contacts?

Atlantic Precision Spring produces many parts out of beryllium copper because of its high strength alloy and its ability to handle high conductivity. It can give the same spring force as carbon steel at a fraction of the thickness! Spring clips of beryllium copper can be made from strips as thin as 0.002″ thick and wire as thin as 0.050″. BeCu battery contacts are ideal for most battery contact needs and will last a long time“.

Beryllium copper battery contacts are manufactured to tight tolerance specifications. We heat-treat the parts in an atmospheric oven, which also reduces the amount of distortion in the spring clip. Once the part has been re-inspected to ensure dimensional accuracy, a coating or finish is applied. The customer should order what plate finish he/she desires, which is determined by its application and function. Once finished, it can then be shipped out.

Atlantic Precision Spring has been ISO 9000:2015 certified since 1998. The ISO 9000:2015 certification demonstrates continuous improvement in all areas relating to manufacturing. Our high-quality standards have allowed us to broaden our customer base within the military, medical, and aerospace industries.

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