Metal Stamping Applications

We make the parts that make all your applications great.

For more than 50 years, Atlantic Precision Spring, Inc. has been providing custom metal stampings, electrical contacts, flat springs, coil springs, wire forms and assemblies to a variety of industries. Our contributions to your products and applications benefit your company and the end users by increasing value, durability, and performance.

  • Function of a metal clips are used in every industry

    Medical: We manufacture various medical parts, from surgical tools to dental devices; as well as electronic contacts for glucose testing and other medical testing machines.

  • Electronics: We produce contacts for circuit boards; RF shielding, quick disconnect male and female contacts; and we also make metal stampings that help to transfer heat away from sensitive areas in electronic devices.
  • Automotive: We create clips for automotive¬†that are designated as hands-free for faster and more accurate assemblies; we also make contacts for tail hitch assemblies that are quick disconnect.
  • Aerospace: We make aerospace contact clips for individual lighting systems; our leaf springs increase torque within turbines.
  • Marine: We produce clips and springs made from rust corrosive-prevention material that must pass a salt spray testing; our spring clips with teflon coating meet Navy specifications.
  • Appliance: We manufacture appliance clips that hold air conditioner components in place; we also make clips that hold components in place including an anti-rattle spring.
  • Hardware: We manufacture building hinges for applications used with cabinets or metal electrical boxes; we make components for door locking systems, as well as brackets used for garage doors.
  • Military: We create high-quality battery contacts for mobile military GPS systems; we also manufacture explosion or detonation clips and trigger and safety springs for rocket launchers for the military.

Atlantic Precision Spring has grown our relationships with customers in these industries throughout our history. As we value the satisfaction of our customers, they have pushed us to grow and improve our material capabilities and manufacturing processes to keep up with technology today. Our significant growth over the last several decades has led us to expand our customer base and proves that Atlantic Precision Spring can meet or exceed their quality expectations.