Custom Metal Stamping

Sometimes, stock products just won’t cut it. At Atlantic Precision Spring, we understand that. That’s why we offer custom metal stamping services. Our amazing team of engineers works directly with our customers each step of the way, ensuring their custom metal stamping product meets their needs and specifications.

We provide engineering assistance from drawings and solid models. Customers can be assured of rapid turnaround on quotes, prototypes and production runs. All processes of tool building are completed in-house using the latest CNC milling and state-of-the-art WEDM equipment. Not to mention the support and expertise of our team of journeyman toolmakers with decades of experience in building progressive tools precisely to the specifications of your requirements.

We offer excellent service and quality from preliminary design to final inspection. We remain competitive through our investment in technology and commitment to quality.

Custom Spring Clips

One of our most popular orders is for custom spring clips. Explore our metal spring clips, including U-clips, clip fasteners, and more.

Custom Spring Manufacturer

Our customers also love our custom springs. Beryllium copper is a popular choice for metal springs, but our team also offers custom springs with various materials. Our inventory also includes flat leaf springs and mini leaf springs, both of which can be customized to fit your needs.

Atlantic Precision Spring has everything you need – the latest and greatest stamping machines and technology, talented and disciplined engineers, an awesome customer service team, and more than 50 years of industry experience. Choose us for your next custom metal stamping order; you won’t be disappointed!

Atlantic Precision Spring is a precision metal stamping manufacturer that can produce custom metal stampings from a flat strip ranging from 0.003″ (.076 mm) to 0.125″ (3.175 mm) thick, and up to 12.00″ (304.8mm) wide. 

The range of our power press equipment is from 7 to 100 tons, capable of producing parts from either complex progressive die-sets, single out tool or compound diesets. Progressive die tooling and multislide tooling equipment are utilized to manufacture custom metal stampings for the aerospace, medical, military, and hardware industries.

Custom metal stamping for the military

Metal stamped components for the military

Small and mini custom spring clips

Small and mini custom metal stampings

A variety of custom metal stamping parts

A variety of custom metal stamped parts







Some Key Stamping Features:

  • Our quality assurance is supported by Networked Statistical Process Control. Electronic sensors in the progressive tooling are used to detect defects of the formed custom metal stampings during the production run. Sensors such as vision systems with inline machine sensors are also available to inspect formed precision metal stampings in order to identify defects and prevent parts out of tolerance.
  • Our fourslide department provides us with another option to manufacture your custom metal stampings. Multislide tooling can be built in a fraction of the time, reducing tooling costs and lead times. Fourslide machines utilize built-in slides that work around a center forming axis to create the final products.
  • Samples for our customers can be provided for each stage of the manufacturing process. We begin with a stamped, wired, chemically etched or laser cut blank. We then form, draw, gut-out, tap, ream or swage the prototype metal stampings according to your requirements, in our highly skilled secondary department. We then offering finishing or plating to cap off the project.