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Commercial airline flights have now been offered for well over 100 years. While the planes today look much different than the ones back then did, the base premise and functionality remain the same. Some features evolved over the years with planes that helped make them faster, safer, and more efficient. While these updates continue to come, some features stay the same; like the springs used in these aerospace machines.

Aerospace spring manufacturers create parts that can be used in multiple areas throughout a plane, from the lights to the turbines. No matter the part of the application, these are crucial parts necessary to make sure aerospace machines work as intended.

While massive in comparison, the functionality of an airplane light is similar to that of your personal vehicle. Just like in your car, planes rely on contact clips to ensure their lights work. These aerospace contact clips work by completing the circuits for the lighting controls, ensuring they are able to be supplied with their power. When flying at 35,000 feet, it’s important to know your plane is going to see where it’s flying!

Moving towards the middle of the plane, you also will find parts from aerospace components manufacturers; in the turbines. Weighing around 1,600 pounds, turbines are an important machine that provides planes a majority of their power and propulsion to be able to fly. Inside these gigantic turbines are tens-of-thousands of parts including, you guessed it, springs! Leaf springs, like you see on cars, are an arc-shaped spring that provides support and absorbs turbulence. Leaf springs are used in the aerospace industry to help increase torque inside of the turbines, which allows them to continually operate while a plane is in flight.

The aerospace industry continues to be one of the most technologically advanced and impressive industries in human history. But it is only as impressive as all of the parts that make it up. This is when you want to make sure you are working with an aerospace parts manufacturer who is an industry leader. You don’t want to realize it when the lights go off on a plane at 35,000 feet.