Flat Leaf Springs

Flat Leaf Springs from Atlantic Precision Spring

Flat Leaf Springs

Companies trust our products due to their durability and reliability. Our flat leaf springs range from .003″ (.076 mm) to .125″ (3.175mm), and also up to 12″ (304.8mm) wide. 

We design and manufacture different types of flat springs, including:



Atlantic Precision Spring produces large and small volume runs of flat leaf springs for customers in the aerospace, naval, automotive industries and beyond. Our versatility and availability of different machines – including fourslide, multi-slide & power press – has allowed us to become a leader in flat metal spring manufacturing. 

The most common and efficient manufacturing choice for flat metal spring production tends to be the fourslide machine. This machine allows forming and bending to be done in a central location, bending the entire part all at once. This method usually allows all the material to be used, which also reduces scrap costs. Savings passed on to you.

Flat Leaf Spring Materials

The two most common materials used for flat leaf springs are plain carbon steel (C1074) and stainless steel. Our stainless steel flat leaf springs boast a 17-7 ph ratio, ensuring top-level strength, hardness, and heat resistance.

Flat Spring Design

Flat leaf springs are designed to use the majority, if not all, of the material being used. This greatly reduces scrap costs, meaning you get the most value out of your order and there’s less waste into the environment.

Our equipment and highly-skilled engineers allow us to create high-quality custom flat leaf springs. Our manufacturing warehouse houses various machines, including fourslide machines, power press equipment, and multi-slide machines. Atlantic Precision Spring is proud to be ISO 9001 Certified by the DNV GL.

Atlantic Precision Spring constantly improves flat spring manufacturing equipment to increase production and reduce costs for our customers. Our extreme attention to detail and precision has helped us serve customers for more than 50 years. Find out what Atlantic Precision Spring can do for your company today.