Metal Stampings

Atlantic Precision Spring provides excellent service and quality from preliminary design to final inspection for the aerospace, medical, military, and hardware industries. Rapid turnaround on quotes, prototypes, and production runs are available. Our specialties include custom metal stampings, fourslide, micro stampings, progressive dies, sheet metal stampings, and stainless steel stampings.

Thickness Range .003″ to .125″
Width Range .01” to 12”
Length Range .1” to 40”
Progressive Die Tooling and Multislide Tooling Equipment
Power Range 7 to 100 tons
Die-sets Capabilities  Progressive, single out tool, or compound
metal stamping strip

Metal stamping strip example

We boast the latest in stamping technology

We boast the latest in stamping technology







What Separates Us From the Rest 

Quality Assurance

We’re ISO 9001:2015 certified. Our quality assurance is supported by networked statistical process control. Electronic sensors in the progressive tooling are used to detect defects during the production run. Sensors such as vision systems with inline machine sensors are also available to inspect items in order to identify defects and prevent parts out of tolerance. Additionally, customer samples from all stages of manufacturing can be made available.

Our Proven Process

All processes of tool building are completed in-house shown in our capabilities and equipment. At the initial stage, modifications made to the design of metal stampings are more cost-effective using the latest 3D software. Metal stamping prototypes assure correct function and fit. Our complete in-house tooling uses the latest CNC milling and state-of-the-art WEDM equipment. This is accomplished through a great team of journeyman toolmakers with decades of experience in building progressive tools precisely to the specifications of your request.

Throughout the project, Atlantic Precision Spring offered their problem solving capabilities, technical advice and customer service skills to work with both Wildcharge, the material suppliers and platers. They have been great about communicating production schedules, lead times and deadline status. In fact, it’s refreshing to be able to call APS with a question and we’re able to get a human on the line immediately, rather than negotiate voicemail.” – Bob Boerger, Director Global Manufacturing and Logistics at Wildcharge

We’ve mastered the art of metal stamping. Whether from pre-made dies or totally custom, we can manufacture long and short-run orders. We can make recommendations on the best materials and finishing styles needed and always produce our items with the highest quality standards. Learn more about our metal stamping capabilities