Types of Wire Springs & Wire Forms

Wire springs are open-coil helical springs that resist a compressive force that is applied axially. Their shape can be cylindrical, conical, barrel, hour-glass or in any combination needed. Some applications of these springs include large and small engines and appliances, mobile devices, medical instruments and more. Round wire is usually used within wire springs. 

There are four basic end configurations:

  • Closed End: The pitch of the end coils is reduced so the end coils touch.
  • Closed and Ground: The last coil is not flat and has a less parallel end.
  • Open End: The coils feature no pitch change at the end of the spring.
  • Open and Ground: The final coil is flat and has a less parallel end. 

Each end type boasts certain benefits over the others. Atlantic Precision Spring manufactures the highest quality wire springs and wire forms from 0.006″ to 0.187″ in both round and shaped wire styles. Finishing and coating is available to add corrosion resistance properties and extend the lifespan of the coil and wires. All springs are inspected through our quality assurance department which is supported by ISO 9001:2015 standards. 

Wire forms made from fourslide machine.

Wire forms made from fourslide machine.

Round wire forms made from spring steel.

Round wire forms made from spring steel.

Round wire metal clips made from fourslide machines.

Round wire metal clips made from fourslide machines.








Atlantic Precision Spring offers a number of wire springs including three types of compressions springs.

Extension Spring

Extension springs are usually close-wound with adjacent coils touching each other. They resist a pulling force that is applied axially. A wide variety of end configurations are available. The most common are machine hook, crossover loop, side hook, and extended hook.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are usually close-wound. They reduce in coil diameter and increase in body length when they are deflected. They offer resistance to the externally applied torque. Common end styles are straight legs, bend offset, and hinge.

Double Torsion Springs

Double torsion springs consist of one right-hand and one left-hand wound coil, connected together while working in parallel.

Wire Forms

Wire forms are manufactured by a variety of methods. Small quantities may be produced in our secondary department. High-volume orders are better suited to automated methods and may be produced in either our fourslide department or spring department. Atlantic Precision Spring will evaluate your design and suggest the most cost-effective method of manufacturing.

Atlantic Precision Spring is made up of experienced engineers, machinists, technicians, and sales professionals. Enjoy quality products with competitive pricing and on-time deliveries. We’d love the opportunity to chat with you about your wire spring needs and help fulfill your custom order.