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Industrial Gas Springs

For over 150 years, we have used gas and oil to power our world. For every industry from industrial and residential to electric power and commercial, gas plays a pivotal role in powering the things we use every day. When working with nonrenewable resources, such as gas and oil, it is important that they are harvested, stored, transported, and distributed in secure and safe conditions. This is why it is crucial that all the tools being used are made up of top-of-the-line parts. It’s no different when looking at industrial gas springs. Here are some of the different precision springs and finishing techniques that are used every day by the gas, oil, and marine industries.

Torsion Springs

Used on tools that are requiring up to 360 degrees of rotation and the ability to return to their home position, you would need a torsion spring. Gas spring manufacturers will make torsion springs for various uses in the gas and oil industry: including gas pumping equipment, gas transportation equipment, and turbines.

Compression Springs

The most well-known style of spring, compression springs are used throughout the gas and oil industries. This includes the gas and oil extraction equipment, within the valves and gauges on the gas and oil rigs, and throughout the transport vehicles.

U Clips

Within the marine industry, maximizing the space you have available is crucial. This is why U Clips are an important piece, as they are used for organization, quick removal and return of tools, and fastening of parts.

Custom Plating and Finishings

Beyond just the spring options required for the gas, oil, and marine industries; there are also the finishing options. These techniques are used when the environment of a clip or spring will have to endure unique conditions. In the case of marine industry springs, this would include the aquatic conditions. To ensure these clips and springs work, we produce pieces made of a rust corrosion-prevention material. They also undergo salt spray testing after production to ensure they work under those conditions. Additionally, some spring clips are produced with a Teflon coating to ensure they meet Navy specifications.

When looking for an oil and gas spring manufacturer, be sure that you have found one that is ISO 9001:2008 certified and properly tests all their springs for the environments they’ll be used in.