Metal Clips

At Atlantic Precision Spring, we manufacture a variety of metal clips, both standard and completely custom, including metal clips, fasteners, metal spring clips, and U-clips in an assortment of materials and styles. These clips work in all kinds of environments, from underwater to outer space, and everywhere in-between. Metal clips are always based upon their clamping power spring force. We assist in the design and add helpful recommendations to ensure the best manufactured part is being produced. Metal clips are still the best way to secure an assembly together when screws are not an option. And while some clips can be made from plastic, metal has repeatability that far exceeds anything that plastic can perform and makes metal clips the best choice.

selection of metal u-clips

We offer a variety of uni-clips.

metal Flat leaf springs for holding or building tension

Parts for holding, building tension or completing a circuit.

metal spring clips and retainer springs

Metal spring clips with various finishes.