Custom Flat Springs

A variety of metal flat springs

A variety of metal flat springs

Atlantic Precision Spring produces custom flat springs that meet your project specifications. With tight tolerances and micro dimensions, our team is skilled in producing the highest quality parts.

For more than 50 years, we’ve produced flat springs for military and commercial applications. Refining our manufacturing process by using lean manufacturing techniques, we are able to offer competitive quotes and fast turnaround times.

Plus, having a wide variety of fourslide machines and power presses allows us to quote projects to the machine best suited for volume and part intracity. The material used varies from plain carbon steel such as C1075 to stainless steel such as 400 series to 17-4ph to name a few.

Ensuring Quality With Every Part

Our company is ISO 9001:2015 certified with procedures in place to optimize departmental processes. Quality assurance is supported by networked statistical process control “SPC” workstations to ensure the quality of battery contacts and PC board battery spring connectors. Sensors such as vision systems with inline machine sensors are utilized to inspect formed springs to prevent “out of tolerance” conditions and ensure perfection.

How We Continue to Be A Leader in Custom Spring Manufacturing

  • Continuously upgrade and purchase new equipment in order to produce parts faster and more accurately.
  • Constantly retrain employees on our latest techniques and equipment to refine his/her trade skills.
  • Keep constant quality awareness throughout the entire production process.

We’re determined to make sure that your custom metal flat springs come out the right way, every single time. Learn more about our metal stamping capabilities to understand more about our process and how we can service your next project. Or get in touch now!