Prototype Stampings

assortment of metal stamping products, clips and prototypes

We have in-house capabilities and services that support the prototyping process.

In today’s metal stamping marketplace, prototyping is a must. Atlantic Precision Spring has embraced this industry need with equipment geared toward the development of prototypes that meet the quality and functionality requirements of your product. Our team of engineers fully understands the importance of top quality prototypes, and the role they play in your product development process. 

Wire EDM is perfect for rapid prototyping. The speed of our machines, along with the process’ ability to minimize tooling costs makes EDM a good choice for prototypes. CNC Machines result in very accurate, well-finished prototypes. Some products that require intense precision can only be achieved by CNC Machines. SolidWorks® and its innovative 3D CAD system promises increased productivity, lower costs and a faster output time. 

Our dedicated short order department can help with design assistance, single station air presses, material recommendations and standard tool forming. Many of the standard operations that can be accomplished in the prototype department are blanking, forming, drawing, extruding, taping, coining, and machining. These operations can be accomplished on any formable material.