Finding Precision & Quality in Metal Stamping and Customer Service

Precision and quality are critical when looking for custom metal stamping. You know exactly what your product or project needs – whether it’s progressive die stamping or custom metal clips and battery contacts – and you need a manufacturer that will work alongside you to ensure your pieces work seamlessly with your final product. Unfortunately, finding a relationship like that isn’t easy and can cost you.

Metal stampings made for the military

Manufacture of military stamping components

To ensure your needs are met across the board, you need to find a company that puts precision and quality first, not only when it comes to custom metal stamping, but also in customer service.

Atlantic Precision Spring is one of those companies. As a family-run business with more than 50-years of experience, Atlantic Precision Spring is an industry leader in custom metal stamping and have helped hundreds of companies develop custom metal clips for unique projects. Being an Atlantic Precision Spring customer means you’ve entered our family, and we give you our full attention and respect, helping you get the custom metal stamping you need done right, every time.

Finding quality and precision across both manufacturing and customer service can be challenging, but here are three things you should look for to ensure you’re working with a company that can meet your needs, but exceed your expectations.

A Team With A Wide Array of Skills

First up: take stock of the company’s metal stamping capabilities. You want to find a provider that has a team well-versed in a variety of metal stamping modalities when looking for custom metal stamping. A diverse team can potentially suggest new methods of creating the metal clips you’re looking for, while keeping your goals in mind.

At Atlantic Precision Spring, we work with a range of material sizes, from .003″ to .125″ thick and up to 12″ wide. We also handle order of all volumes and are skilled in progressive die stamping and fourslide tools. Our Materials Guide illustrates our understanding of a variety of metals, ensuring that we’re well versed in your specific needs, whatever they may be.

Quality Certifications

Quality certifications are an obvious first-step in ensuring the metal stamping company you’re considering is quality. But what certifications are available? Which should you look for?

ISO certifications are the gold-standard for manufacturing quality. Look for an ISO 9001:2015 certificate, which independently verifies that the company has passed vigorous system quality checks and follows responsible manufacturing practices. Accreditations are also crucial. Look for certified and preferred suppliers in your specific industry: automotive, medical, aerospace, and military are just a few industries that have accreditations.

Also consider track records. At Atlantic Precision Spring, we proudly say that we’ve produced more than 6 million defective-free parts and have logged exactly zero late deliveries. Companies that pride themselves on quality will make these track records known readily, so take stock of how many quality shipments the company has sent out and be wary if that information isn’t available.

Open Lines of Communication

At the end of the day, you need to know that your metal stamping provider is able to handle your requests and willing to work alongside you to solve problems. Finding a company that tells you clearly how to contact them with issues or questions is a great first step on the road to finding a custom metal stamper who will treat you like a partner and work with you on your project.

Are you up to the challenge? Seeking out a quality metal stamping company that’s easy to work with can be tough, but by looking for these key traits, you’ll be sure to land on a good one.

Have more questions? Need a quote on a custom metal stamping project? Contact us today.

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