Using Progressive Die Stamping for Your Large Volume Needs

A Quick Overview of Progressive Die Stamping

What is progressive die stamping?

You know those pull tabs on soda cans that allow you to puncture through the lid? Of course, you do. Those tabs are made in a progressive die stamping operation. Progressive die stamping is a metalworking process that involves several various stations that each has its own function, stamping, punching, and/or bending a steel strip until it becomes the desired part. The steel strip progresses through an automatic feeding system, and at each stage, part of the strip is cut away as the stamping die closes on top of it. During the final step, the part is cut out of the strip resulting in the finished product. The material that is left after being cut away is usually used as scrap metal.

This method is all about precision as the strip is passed from station to station, progressing through the stamping process. It must move and land within a few thousandths of an inch so that as the die closes, it is placed in the exact position and can create the intended effect.

What’s the benefit of Progressive Die Stamping?

Progressive die stamping is largely used for high volume projects to keep costs low. Because of its precision, speed, and ability to be customized, it is a popular production choice, especially in industries such as electronics and appliances. In addition, because multiple stamping/cutting operations can be performed simultaneously, production is more efficient overall resulting in greater productivity. 

The APS Difference

Small Volume vs. Large Volume Orders

Atlantic Precision Spring specializes in both small and large volume progressive die stamping orders. We pay special attention to every detail in each step of the progressive die to ensure complete satisfaction. 

Long Run Progressive Die Stamping

Our power presses range in size from 25 to 100 tons, accommodating every progressive stamping tool. They’re also all built in house using state-of-the-art equipment ideal for long run metal stamping orders. Additional services and benefits we offer our customers include:

  • Packaging of metal stampings according to specific needs.
  • Heat treating and plating through our network of approved vendors.
  • High-speed production, operating to close tolerances, and producing multiple parts per stroke. 

Short Run Progressive Die Stamping

Called our secondary department, we refined our long run progressive die stamping process by investing in equipment that lowers costs and shortens delivery time. We use two methods to help create our customers’ small volume orders: manual foot presses and hydraulic turning machines Our process control network and attention to precision and detail guarantees high-quality products at lower prices and reasonable production time.

Designing the Perfect Progressive Die Stamping Product

To ensure the highest quality product, we encourage customers to speak with our engineering team to design the ideal product. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable about the materials, techniques, and methods involved in progressive die stamping. Our engineers and manufacturing personnel can assist you from concept to final product, and we don’t shy away from challenging production requests – we work with all materials and grades. If you already possess a CAD drawing, you’re also welcome to send that over and we will follow-up with you to discuss any questions, iron out details, and ensure we’re creating the best possible product for you at the lowest cost.

Progressive die stamping is a widely-known metalworking production process in the manufacturing industry. It’s relied upon heavily for large volume projects as it’s fast, efficient, and precise, keeping costs low and productivity high. Since 1958, Atlantic Precision Spring has been working with metal and we’ve grown as technology has grown. We apply this process to both large and small volume orders, never sacrificing quality. Get in touch with us to learn how we can accomplish your progressive stamping needs.

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