10 Everyday Items You Never Knew Used Metal Spring Clips

metal spring clips

Metal spring clips with various finishes

One similarity many people have, whether they realize it or not, is the semblance of a daily routine. Now, our routines may be very different; you may work a 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM while one neighbor works an 11:00 PM – 7:00 AM and the other neighbor works from home. However, if that is something we become accustomed to, after a while we will develop a routine, and that is something many people have in common. While going through your daily routine day-after-day and week-after-week, do you ever stop to soak in some of the tasks, processes, or items you interact with during this daily routine? Do you ever think about what makes them function or what they may have in common? 

It may shock you to break down some of the items you interact with most and see some of the critical components that enable them to work. Take metal spring clips for example; there are countless products that you use on any given day that you may not realize require spring clips to work. Let’s take a look at ten everyday items you never knew used metal spring clips.

1) Coffee Maker

It’s reported that 587 million cups of coffee are consumed every day in the United States. If you are a coffee drinker, you understand that number and the importance it has for many people to help them get a start on their day. No matter if you are brewing your coffee at home, stopping by your favorite coffee shop, or waiting to get to work to use a K-cup- you are benefiting from spring clips inside the coffee maker. These various coffee machines, simple or complex, use multiple styles and shapes of spring clips to hold them together and make all the moving parts work. It is also important for these clips to be finished properly as they may encounter high temperatures or be exposed to liquid and need to hold form in those conditions.

2) Door Knob

So you’ve gotten ready for the day and grabbed your morning coffee, so now it’s time to head off to work. Before you can go to work, you have to make it out the front door, though. For that doorknob to turn and the locking mechanism to properly secure your home while you’re gone, you need quality spring clips in place. For the knob to turn and reciprocate that turn on the other side, therefore retracting the latch, it requires a spring clip.

3) Car Brakes

Now that you’ve made it out of your house, it’s time to head to work. Regardless of if you have a short commute or a long one, the most important thing everytime you leave is that you arrive safely. Well, metal spring clips can play a huge role in assisting in that safe travel. Spring clips are the crucial piece of your brakes that fasten your brake pad to the support bracket that is attached to the caliper. So every time you press that brake pedal, remember those spring clips hard at work for you!

If you’re thinking, “well, I ride my bike everywhere so this doesn’t apply to me,” you’re wrong! The braking mechanics on bicycles also rely on spring clips to function.

4) Lanyard Clips

Depending on where you work, you may need to scan an ID every day to get into the building, or onto the elevator, or even for lunch. Many employers will give you your badge on a lanyard so you can proudly display your name and title throughout the day. When this is the case, you may notice the critical piece holding that badge onto the lanyard is a custom metal stamped spring clip.

5) Pens

So you’ve made it safely to work, into the building, and have the energy now to tackle the day. What is the first thing you make sure you have on your desk? Your trusted pen! You may need to fill out forms, or take notes, or even squeeze in that midday drawing. Whatever the need, your pen is likely to benefit from a spring clip. It could be inside the pen assisting with the functionality, or it could be the clip on the outside that you use to latch it onto your pocket when not in use.

6) Gym Equipment

Well, you’ve made it through the workday, and now you’re ready to use up some of the energy you have. So you take a trip to your local gym. No matter if you are there for a light jog on a treadmill, to weight lift on the various machines, or test your legs on the bicycle; you are going to be taking advantage of different types of spring clips. Spring clips can be used to hold tension for lifting techniques or hold the consistent (and stable) movement of the belt on a treadmill.

7) Cell Phone Case

Throughout the day, there are likely countless times you are going to be using your phone. You may use it for music at the gym, or just to keep in touch with loved ones, or maybe it’s a crucial tool for your job. However you use your cell phone, many accessories use spring clips to function, including headphones, speakers, chargers, adapters, and cases. Those who like their phone and case to clip to their belt will find that possible thanks to spring clips.

8) Cooking Utensils

After getting in a great workout, you’ve probably worked up quite an appetite. While you’re cooking your meal, be sure to take a look at the different utensils and tools you cook with; you may be surprised to see how many use spring clips. Your tongs, for example, not only have spring-like properties, but they likely use one of many different spring clip locking mechanisms.

9) Remote Control

After dinner, you may settle in for a bit watch some TV before the day is over. While you’re flipping through the channels, remember that the remote control you’re using operates with metal spring clips. The power being supplied to the remote can come from the use of spring clips treated to work as an electrical contact. To be a successful conductor, it is important to keep in mind what material your springs are made of.

10) Toilet

Even your trusty toilet operates with the help of metal spring clips! The crucial last step of flushing the toilet relies on an important spring clip which helps execute the pull rod which empties the toilet. It’s better not to think about what could happen if your toilet didn’t have that spring clip in place!

Spring Clips Are Everywhere!

It’s easy to see the many instances where you interact with custom metal spring clips on a given day. Next time you go through your daily routine; just try and see or count how many times you rely on something that relies on spring clips to function. Now it’s your turn to tell us where you apply metal stamped products in your industry.