The Top 5 Industries That Utilize U-Clips

Universal Spring Retailing Clips or U ClipsWhen it comes to precision metal stamping, there are countless possibilities with the pieces that can be produced. Even once you know what type of product you need, you still have a world of options regarding application, material, and finish; just to name a few. Probably the most paramount factor of these parts is that, despite sometimes being small in size, they’re typically gigantic in importance. It could be delivering the power to an electric item, or holding together all the parts in some of your tools. The applications and opportunities are endless. A great example of this comes from one of precision stampings’  most versatile products: Uni Clips, also know as U Clips.

Metal u clips can be used for everything from storage to assembly to display. Please view the chart to the right to see some of the different sizes of metal u clip options currently available. Regardless of the diameter size, someone may be looking for, these u shaped spring clips have a consistent look and layout. However, their applications can vary depending on what exactly they are being used for. This would come down to which industry you might be looking at to see how they utilize u clips. While it is safe to assume every industry would have a need for u clips in one facet or another, there are some that benefit from the use of u clips much more.

Here are the top 5 industries that utilize u clip fasteners:


Regardless of which type of vehicle you have, there is a good chance you are benefiting from u clips every time you go for a drive. Maybe you have an SUV with an equipment rack on the roof. Well, if you do, your rack may be using either metal or stainless steel u clips to help secure your equipment. They also may be assisting in the ease of movement throughout the rack.

Beyond an equipment rack, u clips are often used in securing the panels inside of a vehicle ensuring everything stays together while you drive! Even if you’re not sure if your vehicle has these features or options, it is likely that you have a license plate on your car! Many vehicles use u clips to affix a license plate to the front and rear bumper of a car.

These are just some examples of how your vehicle benefits or operates with the assistance of u clips. Have you ever noticed anywhere else where u clips are being utilized in your vehicle?

Hardware closetHardware

One usage of u clips that is seen being done by many people on a household-by-household basis is for help with storing tools or cleaning supplies. In the image to the left, you can see u clips helping to organize tools inside of a broom closet.

Besides this life hack, there are other benefits u clips present to the hardware industry. Many of the new power tools that are being released offer ease of use because their parts are so easily interchangeable. Well, helping to clip in these various parts as changes are being made are none other than u clips.


When it comes to the medical industry, every piece of equipment being used can be a matter of life or death. So, it is safe to say all of the parts that make up that equipment are equally important. Enter u clips, which can be used in many different pieces of equipment throughout the industry. Like showcased under the last point, u clips are utilized by medical institutions for organization and storage as well as in the equipment itself. Specialized u clips can actually be during procedures by being inserted into a patient to help cap a tooth with a cavity or secure a broken bone. You probably would not have thought these u clips could be used to help save your life!


Just like with medical, military is another industry where reliance on equipment can mean life-or-death. So it is imperative all the parts making up a piece of equipment are top-of-the-line. Take, for example, a military wiring harness; which is a part made up of metal u clips secured to a base. Additionally, metal u clips are used in military aircrafts for securing and organizing the vast piping and cables that run throughout the aircraft. This organization is crucial for diagnosing, addressing, and correcting potential problems in a quick and efficient time.


If you were to think through your average day, you probably will be shocked to realize just how many electronic items you interact with throughout the day. Well, many of these items benefit from the use of u clips. One crucial item would be the computers you use each day. Whether it be holding memory chips to the main circuit board, holding the circuit board to the computer’s case, or keeping the case itself secure, u clips are playing an important role. Beyond their use in computers, there are also u clips being used in your remotes, your gaming consoles, your bathroom scale, and even your children’s electric toy cars.

While almost every industry utilizes u clips, these ones we’ve just covered have a stronger reliance on these metal and stainless steel u clips than the other might. How does your industry stack up? Try to see next time you’re at work how often you notice or run into u clips to see how your industry compares to some of these others.