Fourslide Stampings

Fourslide stamping or “multi-slide stamping” is designed to build tools and manufacture parts at an inexpensive cost without losing quality. We know this process inside and out and have perfected it throughout our 50 year history.

Fourslide requires less tooling than progressive die-sets and are also able to be built in a fraction of the time. We know potential and current customers are looking to receive parts with better quality at a less expensive price. We make that happen through fourslide tooling and stamping.


Fourslide tooling process

Flat Springs

Flat springs from fourslide stamping








Our Fourslide Process

Fourslide machines are able to feed a strip of material into a small die-set, which is able to perform forming and piercing operations. The strip then takes the shape of a progressive tool where it enters the cut off of the fourslide machine. This is where the machine gets its name because just after the fourslide stamping is cut off, a tool slides in and starts the final forming of the material. Multiple slides are available to have tools attached and form the part into complex shapes.

What Sets Us Apart

Atlantic Precision Spring uses a solid model “3D” program that is able to simulate the fourslide stamping in full production without turning on the machine. Detecting and avoiding potential problems in the design stage allows us to eliminate costly re-tooling and eliminate the risk for error. This means better products, faster turnaround time and lower prices!

Atlantic Precision Spring’s fourslide machines have been built with switches and sensors that aid in producing parts with tighter tolerances and better control. A strong preventative maintenance program also adds to our success and reliability. Work with us and we’ll tell you more about our fourslide options.