Five Industries Where Custom Metal Stamping Orders Are Vital

When it comes to custom metal stamping, it is safe to say there are a hefty number of industries utilizing metal springs across countless applications. It can sometimes go overlooked when digesting the makeup of an object just how many smaller parts were required in order to create the larger, final product. Well some of those smaller, yet undeniably important parts you could be overlooking include custom stamped metal springs, clips, contacts, and hinges, to name a few. Let’s take a look at five industries that would be in a world of trouble if it were not for custom metal stamping.


One of the most important industries that relies on varying types of custom metal stamping is the Medical Industry. Both for personal medical applications and hospital or treatment center, there are many different stamping pieces being utilized. When you make your next trip to the dentist, take a look at how many metal springs and spring clips are being utilized by their various tools. The same goes for surgical tools, where everything from a stethoscope to an X-Ray machine benefit and function from the use of metal springs.

Beyond the tools used for direct contact with patients, there are also all the indirect testing tools and devices that utilize custom metal stamping. The electronic testing machines used to determine an individual’s glucose level, or a glucometer, operates due to a custom stamped electronic contact.


If you ever were adventurous and tried to take apart an electronic device of Metal Springs, Metal Clipsyours, you probably quickly noticed two things: 1) There are a lot of small working parts and 2) They are not easy to put back together! Many electronic devices, if not all of them, utilize metal springs, spring clips, flat clips, and other metal stamped products in order to operate. There are countless benefits of these products when used with electronics, as well. One example is the metal stamping that is designed to re-direct heat away from the sensitive areas in electronic devices. The contacts for circuit boards, radio frequency shielding (or RF shielding), as well as both male and female quick disconnect contacts. Well, each of those are possible and created with the help of custom metal stamping.


When it comes to the automotive field, everything is determined in regards to speed. That goes not just for the speed of a vehicle, but also the production time for that vehicle and the available features on that vehicle as well. Our custom metal clips are designated to be hands-free. This allows for greater accuracy in vehicle assembly as well as a faster completion.Precision Spring Order

A very popular feature on many service vehicles is a quick disconnecting tail hitch. Having this feature allows workers to save time during multiple hitch interactions during the day- which results in increased efficiency. We create custom metal contacts that help in producing a trail hitch capable of that quick disconnect.


A crucial tool utilized daily by the Military is their Mobile GPS System. The importance of being able to track their location or that of the various assets of theirs is monumental. High-end battery contacts are a type of metal stamping that is used in those GPS Systems. Additionally, detonation (or explosion) clips, as well as trigger and safety springs used for military rocket launches, are also metal stamping products. When dealing with items as destructive as these, it is essential to be sure you can rely on the parts it is made up of!

AEROSPACE Aerospace Metal Springs

As all those involved with aerospace travel can tell you, every component in building an airplane is crucial in ensuring both its flight and safe travels. This can include both the pieces that make a plane take off, fly or land. Additionally, it is also important to make sure the environment on a plane is suitable for those riding in it. One example of this is when custom contact clips are used for the individual lighting systems. Looking at it from a power and flight perspective, the use of our leaf springs allows for increased torque inside of a plane’s turbine. Increased torque allows for increased acceleration and, effectively, a more efficient flight.

Whether making a milkshake from the comfort of your kitchen or flying across the country to visit family, you are benefiting from the use of custom metal springs, clips, & contacts. Seeing how these five large industries utilize our custom products, you can only imagine the usages across every other industry. So it is important to ensure that the tools and services you are using are creating their products with the industry’s best resources. The same goes for any projects you may be working on. To find out how to benefit from our top-of-the-line custom stamped clips, springs, and contacts, contact us today!