Our Energy Just Keeps Going and Going – Precision Stamping for Battery Contact Springs

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So much of the work we carry out on a daily basis requires the need for batteries. And without the proper battery contacts, it’s hard to be productive. Battery contact springs usually are responsible for two important functions. First, to help hold batteries in place, which keep them running continuously and efficiently. Second, spring battery contacts help conduct the electrical current from the battery to the circuit. This allows it to act like a true power source and gives life to the machine, vehicle, or device that it is connected to or within.

Profitable business comes down to efficient operations and keeping downtime to a minimum. Whenever your batteries are inoperable, it means productivity has slowed down or come to a stop. Time is money so it’s important to keep operations, machines, equipment, etc running at their fullest potential. We understand this and produce the highest quality batter contacts to keep your batteries functioning at high levels, as they should. Without spring contacts, batteries wouldn’t hold in place nor work correctly. It’s funny how such a small item can play such a big role in the workplace. We like to think of them as cornerstone products.

The team at Atlantic Precision Spring consists of experts in spring contact manufacturing. We carry battery contacts made as springs, strip material plates made from metal stamping, or a combination of both. Our contacts offer low resistance and quality connectivity and come in a variety of metals, each with varying benefits.

Stainless steel is steel material plus the addition of chromium and nickel. This interesting combination of metals make the final result very corrosion resistant. It allows the part to be bent, cleaned from any possible oils, and then shipped with no post processes. Since corrosion and oxidation are normal challenges for battery contacts, this makes stainless steel an ideal choice in many circumstances. It is also very durable and has a long lifespan.

Another popular choice is beryllium copper, which is mainly made up of 98% copper and 2% beryllium. The high copper content is fitting for applications in the military or defense (where high conductivity is the top priority). In fact, it has twice the electrical conductivity of phosphor bronze, making it one of the best metals to use for battery contacts. Under most circumstances, the material is heat treated to increase hardness and can maintain its properties under high stress and fatigue.

A popular BeCu, alloy 25, standards, chemical, and physical properties consists of:

C17200, ASTM B 194; QQ-C-533; AMS 4530, 4532; ASE J 461, 463

Beryllium 1.8-2.0%, Cobalt + Nickel 0.2 min, Cobalt (+Nickel +Iron) 0.6 max, Lead 0.02 max, Copper-Balance

Physical Properties: Density .302 lb./ cu in., Elastic Modulus 106 psi = 19, Thermal Expansion Coefficient in./in./0F, 700 F to 4000 F = 9.7 x 10-6, Thermal Conductivity Btu/(ft-hr-0 F) = 60, Melting Temp. 0F = 1600-1800

Common hardness of 1/2 hard material heat treated, physical properties:

1/2 H (TD02), Tensile Strength 85-100ksi, Yield Strength 0.2% offset 75-95 ksi, Elongation Percent 12-30ksi, Fatigue Strength 108 cycles (r =-1) 32-38 ksi, Hardness; Diamond Pyramid 176-216, Rockwell B88-96, Superficial 30T74-79, Electrical Conductivity percent IACS 15-19

If even more options are needed, we have you covered! Plating allows us to put a finish over a material, affecting the property and appearance of the contact. For example, plating can increase conductivity while adding corrosion resistance properties at the same time. This lets the contacts enjoy improved longevity. We offer several types of plating styles, in a few different plating metals. Some include:

  • Pre-plated material
  • Reel to reel plating
  • Barrel plating
  • Dip plating
  • Rack plating
  • Gold plating
  • Nickel plated stainless
  • Nickel plated cold-rolled steel
  • Tin plating

Modern processor and motherboardPrecision stamping for battery contacts is a specialty at Atlantic Precision Spring. Here’s our proven process: We take a prototype through production by taking advantage of our modern technologies and techniques. With in-house engineers and a design team, customers let us take on the hard work. We use fourslide, multi-slide, power press and/or hydraulic presses to create the perfect battery contact spring for your machine or device. Once approved, engineering prototypes are used in our short run department, giving customers reduced costs and faster deliveries. Our products are made with care, attention and with constant monitored computerized statistical process control – meaning there is little doubt of mechanical failure of our springs. Our goal is to get your batteries working as a high quality power source to help you get your work done efficiently.

Our contacts come in a variety of battery sizes, including A, AA, AAA, C, D, 6V, 12V, N, 15V, 30V, and more. They also come in different mounting styles that are ideal for varying applications. For example, snap-in works best for electronic products that have molded-in battery compartments. Slide-in contacts glide in to the battery compartment and are flexible to adjust to a variety of battery lengths. Through-hole contacts are ideal for packaging equipment or machinery. Whatever the application or need, our team will help find the best option for you. 

Our spring battery contacts are made from materials as thin as .003 inches (yes, that is really, really small!). We can meet any request and have served customers with all sorts of application needs.

Some popular industries include:

  • Aerospace
  • Appliances
  • Automotive
  • Computers and IT
  • Defense
  • Healthcare and medical testing
  • Manufacturing
  • Military
  • Mobile applications

With spring battery contacts from Atlantic Precision Spring, we help your business keep going and going. Let us be your trusted battery contact spring manufacturer. With competitive pricing and high quality precision stamped products, we have the speed, care and efficiency to meet all of your needs. Enjoy longevity and ultimate productivity with our top-of-the-line spring contacts. Read more about our products or get in touch with us for a quote today!