Our Tooling and Prototyping Departments Give You An Advantage

Handling customer product through our process is an important aspect of manufacturing here at APS. No matter what the industry, products are handled with the utmost care from start to finish. Many parts require no surface defects; therefore raw material is delivered with paper interleaf to protect the surface of the material. Parts that require sub-contracting services (heat treating, plating, etc.) are packaged to ensure no damage is incurred to and from our vendors.

Final packaging is another area where the creativity and pride in our workmanship is apparent at APS. First and foremost, parts can be packed to eliminate any potential tangling or distortion issues. Certain circumstances require each part to be individually packed within cardboard slots, so there is zero contact with other parts during transit. Other situations may call for parts to be individually pressed onto tacky paper to eliminate movement and the possibility for the parts to mesh together. We even literally provide “white glove” packaging for ultra sensitive products where the oils from the hands can affect the integrity of the product

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