Small Leaf Springs

Flat SpringsAtlantic Precision Spring has been producing small leaf springs for over 50 years to a diverse customer base. Producing these components for the automotive, aerospace, military, medical, and hardware industries. This in large part is due to the continuous improvements of purchasing and upgrading of equipment required to manufacture these parts. Improvements have also been made to the Quality Assurance Department bettering quality and speed of inspection of parts before shipment.

Atlantic Precision Spring is able to aid in the design the parts, which starts by understanding the application and environment of the product. Atlantic Precision Spring assists in determining the proper material type, thickness, and finish required. Once the material properties have been determined the spring forces and deflection can be applied in computer simulation program to determine if the movement of the material are going to over stress any bend area of the part. An area usually overlooked is the finish on the part. Because customers are looking for the spring be optimal used the finish has to be able to maintain adhesion with out flaking off. Atlantic has been making these parts for over 50 years and with the growing technology in plating different techniques can be used to allow good adhesion on difficult parts. This can also be performed thru manufacturing prototypes or small volume production.

Small leaf springs are used in most battery contacts where force is applied to maintain a constant connection between the battery and the device.

The most common challenge in portable devices is to maintain contact with the battery while being subjected impact. This is a situation that Atlantic Precision Spring has aided in resolving for many of their customers. Samples will be rapidly produced in the short run department to insure fit and function before large volume production tools are built. These samples are able to have the same precision of production parts without the wait for the tooling to be completed.

These connectors are manufactured and inspected using the latest technology to guarantee only precision components are shipped to customers. Quality starts by having the proper certification in place to build your procedures around, ISO 9000: 2008 insures just that. Being certified since 1998 has set the groundwork for what it one of the best quality assurance departments. The quality assurance department monitors a networked statistical processes control “SPC” closely to ensure part quality. This along with sensors built into the tooling reaffirms parts remain within dimensional tolerances set by the customer drawings.

Send us an email or give us a call and show us your part or concept. Thru the vast number of different machines available, Atlantic Precision Spring will quote your part at the lowest price with the best delivery time while still maintaining precision quality.