Electrical Spring Contacts

BECU contacts

Beryllium copper parts are best used for electrical contacts.

Found in electrical circuit component like electrical switches, relays and breakers, electrical spring contacts are needed in all sorts of industries. Contacts can be custom made in all different types of sizes and materials, depending on the voltage requirements and use application. Without these small, but critical components, we’d find it difficult to easily control electrical-powered devices.

Electrical contacts at Atlantic Precision Spring can be produced on a wide array of manufacturing equipment. Prototype quantities and short runs through large volume orders are all produced on tooling made by our expert staff. Contacts can be prototyped in as little as 48-72 hours utilizing our wire EDM and standard tooling. Short run, fourslide and power press forming tools and dies are custom crafted for long life, high precision and low maintenance.

Our Electrical Spring Materials

Atlantic Precision Spring is a leading supplier of electrical spring contacts. We produce our contacts in a variety of metals including aluminum, high and low carbon steel, stainless steel, beryllium copper, brass, phosphor bronze, nickel, and all types of bimetals.

Components are finished to print specifications with all certifications. Materials may be selectively plated prior to the manufacturing process to save a considerable amount of time and money. Our electrical contacts are made to order with the customer’s needs in mind, whether short or long run, or with custom specs, we work with all types of requests.

There’s a number of steps in our quality assurance process to make sure only superior products leave our facility and arrive at your door.


Step 1

Precision quality in the production of electrical contacts starts with receiving inspection. Material from an approved vendor is scrutinized and verified against the customer’s print, APS purchase order, and the material certification. 

Step 2

RoHS and DFAR requirements are then taken into consideration from the initial quotation and then implemented throughout the life of the purchase order.

Step 3

Quality of the electrical spring contacts is monitored during all phases of production on a network of SPC workstations. We use the latest in equipment to ensure quality assurance and precision in all of our work.

For the past 50 years, we’re come to be a trusted, reliable partner for customers in all types of sections for our high quality electrical contacts. Get to know us more by getting in touch today.