Metal Stamping Equipment & Technology

Atlantic Precision Spring continues to improve their technology in order to exceed the customer’s expectations in manufacturing precision metal stampings. The newest addition being a Keyence IM Vision System. This piece of equipment is able to reduce time to produce jobs making us much more efficient.

At Atlantic Precision Spring, production does not begin until a first article Inspection FAI is complete and approved. The time consuming part of a FAI is that it is an inspection of all dimensions of one part. This has to be accomplished on not just one part but many parts, this is determined by following the guidelines of process inspection tables. This process of FAI used to take many hours, sometimes longer because failing the first FAI requiring then issuing another FAI. Now FAI’s are using the Keyence Vision System. Accomplishing the same task in minutes. Essentially, this eliminates what used to be a bottle neck of work waiting in queue because of the time and effort looking at each dimension.

Keyence IM vision system

The Keyence Vision System is able to check 99 different dimensions per part. The computer system within this unit automatically orientates the part to the designed dimensions so no fixturing is required. This process of inspection only takes 3-7 seconds. Multiple parts can be added and inspected at the same time with no additional time for inspection. Just place the part or parts on the glass and press the inspect button. After the computer calculates the predetermined calculations the screen will give the green light showing the parts are all predetermined or red if they are out. All data is then stored and can be extracted using internal Keyence statistical process control program.

At Atlantic Precision Spring we value quality, precision and proven performance to ensure our customers receive the best product available. Request a quote for your next project with us!